Friday, March 11, 2005

Lunch Room Politics

I think I should just change the name of this blog to "What Digby Said."

All of this is to say that there has long been a campaign to emasculate Democrats. (I suspect that there is a corollary in the defeminization of Democratic women as well.) This is powerful stuff and we'd best admit that it is going on so that we can formulate a response that actually works. Right now, we either try to out-manly them or we laugh it off, neither of which are working. (The worst advice that Paul Begala ever took was when Tucker Carlson told him to laugh when these kind of insults are hurled. He often sounds like a nervous hyena they come so fast and furiously and it has the effect of making him appear slightly unhinged.)

I think this tactic plays into many people's anxiety about changing social and gender roles in our fast moving society. A lot of folks out there are genuinely freaked out by the rapid pace of change and because of it are very susceptible to rigid stereotypes. They just feel more comfortable on the side of the fence where the macho high school boys and the girls who love them are. It's very hard to even get them to peek over and see what's on the other side.

So true. Why run with the smart crowd and take responsibility for our actions as a country, when the cool kidz say that if we just stop thinking so much, we can kick A-rab ass and have tax cuts at the same time?

Welcome back to high school. Did somebody say "hotel party?"

"I don't want your life!"