Saturday, May 22, 2004

Neocon VS. Decepticon

It's that time again...

The following is a weekly feature which pits the leaders of Washington’s "new conservative" movement against Cybertron's most feared villains. Remember: Your vote matters!

Name: Richard Perle

Title: Consultant to the Secretary, Defense Department; Project for the New American Century, Signatory

Transforms Into A Cool Jet: No

Defining Moment: On May 20 US forces raided the home of Iraqi National Congress leader and Perle associate, Ahmed Chalabi. From David Corn, "The early indications are that Chalabi's gang may stand accused of a) corruption; b) impeding an investigation into possible corruption in the UN's oil-for-food program in Iraq; c) fomenting a coup or otherwise trying to interfere in the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq; d) engaging in espionage by sharing sensitive information with Iran; or e) all of the above." Chalabi had been vigorously supported by Richard Perle as a potential leader for post-war Iraq.

Famous Quote: The arguments against Chalabi have been without substance. He is far and away the most effective individual that we could have hoped would emerge in Iraq. No one was proposing that he be anointed in some sense, but simply that his advice and counsel would be valuable to us, and if he emerged in a leadership position, that would be highly desirable, from the point of view of the future of Iraq. He's a very capable guy. (Frontline, 07.10.2003)

Name: Starscream

Title: Decepticon Lieutenant

Transforms Into A Cool Jet: Yes

Defining Moment: Having jettisoned his former leader, the critically injured Megatron, into outer space, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons.

Famous Quote: I WILL rule the universe. Even if I am the only one LEFT in the universe!

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