Saturday, March 05, 2005


Via Atrios, you really ought to read this whole post from Coldfury. It includes this fantastic bit about Witmer family, who, after one of their three daughters -- all of whom serve -- was killed in Iraq, requested that the other two not be sent back.

That’s what John and Lori Witmer did when their daughter Michelle, 20, was killed in Iraq last year serving in the Wisconsin National Guard. Her sister Rachel, 25, who served with her in the 32nd Military Police Company, and her twin sister, Charity, 21, a medic, did not to return to Iraq after their parents pleaded that they be allowed to remain stateside.

“Common sense would say that one hero per family should be enough,” John Witmer of New Berlin, Wis., said in a telephone interview. “That way, the brothers and sisters wouldn’t have to be put in the position of feeling like they deserted their families if they went back or that they deserted their country if they stayed home.”

Their decision led to death threats and criticism from some who thought the other daughters should return to their units despite their sister’s death, he said. Radio stations held call-in discussions and the family received numerous threatening phone calls.

Instead of making threating phone calls to this poor family, why don't those assholes go to Iraq themselves?

Oh that's right, because they're fucking cowards.