Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Why Does Anne Coulter Hate Our Troops?

On the Monday edition of Scarborough Country, the Banshee Coulter made this statement concerning the mud wrestling scandal (anyone who uses the term "mud wrestling-gate" should sod off.)

From Media Matters:

I would like a United States military capable of winning wars, which will not involve sending girls to do fighting." Coulter concluded: "And, yes, I think it's appalling that these women are mud wrestling, but I think it's appalling that they are in the military."

In response, I would like to first ask again, "why does Anne Coulter hate our troops?" And secondly, does internet mogul, and conservative-firebrand, Professor Glenn Reynolds think this is treason? Given his loose definition of the term -- he recently accused Ted Kennedy of treason for criticizing the war -- I would have to say it's a big yes. By claiming that the US military is less likely to succeed because it includes females, Anne Coulter has made a statement that could likely lower the morale of our troops at war. That, in turn, would aid and comfort our enemies.

Additionally, Anne Coulter demeaned the service of all female soldiers by commenting that mere presence in the military is "appalling." By the Professor's strict standards, that sounds like treason too.

But I bet the liberal media will cover up "Hanoi Anne" just like they do all the other commie traitors.