Monday, February 07, 2005

Thanks For Helping To Kill Our Troops

A conservative activist group whose fuckwaditude knows no boundaries, Citizens United, has decided to play cute and purchase a series of billboards in full view of the Kodak Theatre -- where the Oscars will be held in a few weeks -- "thanking" Hollywood celebs for helping to re-elect The Prez.

Or rather, they decided to purchase a series of billboards somewhere within the vicinity of California and then lie to everyone about the celebs being able to see them on Oscar night.

Cinemocracy wasn’t originally going to mention this, as the story pretty much made the rounds by the time we found it and had already become stale. But we decided to go the extra mile for our readers -- in fact, we went the extra 5.9 miles from our headquarters at Beverly and Olympic to Hollywood and Highland to see the billboards for ourselves.

There was nothing there.

And when I say nothing, I mean not only are the “thank you” signs nowhere to be found, but we are hard pressed to figure out where they are going to go.

See, we counted only four billboards on Hollywood Boulevard near the entrance to the Kodak Theater. Two are not visible from the street where the red carpet will be. A third, currently advertising the sequel to The Ring, is facing the wrong way. And the fourth, the only one that the celebrities might see as they are interviewed, is two blocks away, tiny, and partially obscured.

Way to go, fucksticks.

*Link via Oliver Willis.