Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Big Fish, Little Fish

Stealing directly from the fabolous PTI, it's time to play Big Fish, Little Fish. Leaving two behind, rank the following seven opening themes from these seminal 80's sitcoms in order of one to five. (You can find listenable versions of all seven here.)

In no particular order:

1) The Hogan Family
2) Full House
3) Who's The Boss
4) Growing Pains
5) Mr. Belvedere
6) Silver Spoons
7) Family Ties

My list:

1) Growing Pains
2) Silver Spoons
3) Family Ties
4) Who's The Boss
5) Mr. Belvedere

It was a tough fight between Growing Pains and Silver Spoons, with GP -- that's what us true fans call it -- ultimately getting the nod because of the Alan Thicke factor. (What input said factor had on the theme itself is for you to decide for yourself. I know what it did for me, baby.)

Who's The Boss lost the number three slot only because at the end of the Family Ties theme, the singers do that ridiculous "Sha-lalalalaaaa" thing. And Mr. Belvedere comes in at five because, like the title character himself, the theme is stately.

The Hogan Family and Full House are good tunes in their own right, but as far as this exercise is concerned, they're shark bait.

Now, complete and discuss.