Thursday, August 26, 2004

Maintaining Appearances

Four years ago, George Bush and the Republicans took it upon themselves to cram as many African Americans as possible onto the convention stage; now, that's sooooo, well, four years ago -- for 2004, the GOP is all about tolerance!!!

Or at least
the appearance of tolerance.

It's a rough example of what everyone seems to agree is Karl Rove's genius: targeted messaging. Give each group what they want to hear. Tell one story on television and another in the mail. Make the soccer moms feel fuzzy and raise your hands to heaven for the evangelicals. We can have it both ways.

Except that the moderate Republicans think the party can't have it both ways.

The politics of exclusion doesn't resonate with most voters, Barron said. That's why they're not putting Jerry Falwell and Gary Bauer on stage next week. They scare people. I pointed out that, as it's written now, the Republican platform excludes the stated opinions of almost every prime-time speaker at the convention, including Dick Cheney, who only yesterday restated his endorsement of the states rights solution of the Defense of Marriage Act. Barron agreed, calling the platform an insult to Pataki, Giuliani, and Schwarzenegger, whose long standing records of tolerance on gay and lesbian issues are not reflected.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's lack of tolerance on gay Predator issues is also not reflected.

Gov. Schwarzenegger

"I love the people kays und lesbians, but not
the Predator kays und the Predator lesbians.
In fact, I fully support an amendment stating that
Predator marriage is between a Predator male und
female -- not a kay Predator und another kay Predator."

Broken Tusk (of The Log Cabin Predators)

"It is a sad day when the party of my youth decides that
there is no longer a place for a Predator who believes in low taxes
and a strong defense, but who also wishes to marry a Predator of
the same sex with whom he is in love."

*Link via those clever bastards at Pandagon