Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Young Republicans In Love

Via Pandagon, this article from
The Gadflyer detailing the right's angry rebellion against college campuses, which they long ago deemed biased toward liberals. It's well worth reading, and explains how a bunch of boring rubes managed to classify themselves as counter-culture warriors.

Savvy organizers have seized on all that righteous anger and created an appealing image for today's young conservative: rebellious and oddly counter-cultural, courageously fighting the power. They've also co-opted the mocking, confrontational tone of bygone campus radicals in their tactics. So we see stunts like "affirmative-action bake sales" (in which people of different races are charged different prices for cookies) or the announcement of
"whites only" scholarships on campuses across the country.

And since conservatives are now the rebels, they sometimes run afoul of university "speech codes" and get into other trouble. When they do, groups like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the Center for Individual Rights – both flush with right-wing foundation money – step in with pro-bono legal help and sue on behalf of the aggrieved students. Usually, the suits get thrown out of court or the university immediately settles. But the cases become further "evidence" of the tyranny of the Left and are thus eaten up by the conservative media.

"Welcome to our bake sale.
We have vanilla, vanilla...
And vanilla."