Monday, July 19, 2004

Mail Time!
Working off a link from Roger Ailes, things fall apart has composed this letter to MSNBC.
This is Frank Luntz being introduced by Chris Matthews on the July 6 episode of Hardball.
CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Pollster Frank Luntz has been gauging public opinion in one of his focus groups, and he is here to talk about how Edwards is being perceived by the American people. 
In addition, this how Luntz is described on his MSNBC bio:
Luntz is one of the most honored communication professionals in America today and has written, supervised, and conducted more than 500 surveys, focus groups and instant response sessions for corporate and public affairs clients in eight countries since forming his company in 1992.
No where is it mentioned that Luntz is a fiercely partisan, and very active, member of the Republican party. One can only surmise that MSNBC was unaware of this fact; therefore, this article in today's Washington Post must have come as quite a surprise to those in charge of making decisions at the network.
The invitation from GOP pollster Frank Luntz read "My Fifth Annual Baseball All-Star Party" -- and the rookies who RSVPed "Yes" believed they'd be watching a baseball game. Ha!

A life-size Bill Clinton doll in an "Addams Family" electric chair greeted guests Tuesday at the entrance of Luntz's Fairfax County home.

That Luntz finds the idea of Bill Clinton being electrocuted amusing certainly speaks to his character, and is most likely a subject that the Secret Service will further investigate. 
However, just as important and more disturbing, is that a man who fantasizes about killing a former president represents MSNBC. Had Keith Olberman or Lawrence O'Donnel hosted a Democratic fundraiser featuring a George W. Bush doll in an electric chair, the deluge of e-mail from outraged conservatives would crash the MSNBC server. Therefore, it is with the utmost sincerity that I demand MSNBC terminate any business relationship with Frank Luntz, post haste. 
Chris Taylor 
Proprietor, things fall apart