Friday, July 16, 2004

I, Furious
As some of you may know, I've spent most of the past month fiending, like some strung-out heroin addict, for a peak at the
new Batman movie.
A few weeks ago, Cinescape.com reported that the trailer for Batman Begins would be playing before I, Robot.
Last night, I saw
I, Robot.
There was no trailer; when I got home, the
good folks at Cinescape had posted this.

The answer is simple: somewhere, someone at Warner Bros. decided it wasn't the right time just yet to show audiences the BATMAN BEGINS trailer, and so it was yanked from playing on I, ROBOT's scorecard. Instead, we're now told that WB's back-up plan is to have theaters place a trailer for either CATWOMAN or EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING with showings of I, ROBOT.


So there you have it. If you had been one of the many awaiting the opportunity to see what the new Dark Knight looks like on-screen, you'll have to remain patient a little while longer. Nevertheless, it does seem a missed opportunity. Where else could Warners cash in on the combined interest of those eager to check out CATWOMAN? It's not like there's any other major comic book event taking place this month which will have the attention of thousands of comic book fans...

Unless you remember that the San Diego Comic Convention happens next week -- and a BATMAN BEGINS panel just happens to take place one week from today, with one of the film's actors and its screenwriter in attendance. If you're asking if we know something will happen for sure at Comic-Con, we don't...but it sure seems like a pretty good place to show that missing BATMAN trailer, doesn't it?

That's great... The San Diego Comic-Con. It works out perfect for me, here in Columbia, MARYLAND.
Mark my words Warner Bros., you will burn in the hell for this.