Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Best. Preview. Ever.
Via Ain't It Cool News, comes what sounds like the definitive description of the Batman Begins trailer. According to AICN, there is still a chance that it will be attached to the god-awful Catwoman film; otherwise, it should debut at the San Diego Comic Convention next week.
Join me in officially losing your mind:
The silvery warners Logo appears (like the Harry Potter one)
(Christian Bale's voice narrates the trailer in a raspy, low voice)

* "They told me there was nothing out there"

A low angle shot tracking in front of a bleak rainswept wayne manor. It appears to be a wake. A few people mill about with black umbrellas.

*"they told me there was nothing to fear"

Shot of Alfred (caine) with an umbrella, standing in the rain with a young Bruce next to him.
* Low angle shot looking up from the bottom of a well

- A silhouetted young boy falls through the boarded up opening, he drops down towards the camera, debris flying about him.

* back to close up of small boy in the rain next to Alfred.

"but the night my parents were murdered i caught a glimpse of something..."

*flash cut to a terrified young Bruce cowering in terror, he is partially splattered in blood..
*"....I've looked for it ever since" - an adult Bruce walks slowly along a rainy dock looking out over the ocean. Fades out.

*shot of a rugged iceland mountain range.

*bruce's lonely figure climbs to the top of a snowy mountain range and begins to walk down the other side towards a lonely settlement.
*"I went around the world....searched in all the shadows"

In the barren, icey tundra Bruce enters what looks like a tibetan village, it's desolate, run down, delapidated...

*"and there is something out there in the darkness".

In a blizzard, Bruce climbs a stone stairway to a hilltop monastery.

*"something terrifying..."

Bruce enters the monastery in a shot similar to Aragorn entering King Theodan's keep at Helm's deep in The Two Towers - pushing two massive doors open, light shafts in etc...

*"...that will not stop until it gets revenge"
A feral looking Bruce sits in a dungeon like room, he's dishevelled, dirty.

A shadowy figure moves towards him - we do not see it's face - Bruce's head snaps around to see the assailant - the music climaxes - cut to black -there is a long pause...

*shot of Christian Bale's face , he says: "me"
There is a flash frame of the picture we've already seen - a brooding, costumed Batman in dramatic lighting -cuts to black - out of the blackness comes the rust coloured, revamped bat logo - no title - it says "summer 2005'"

If Summer 2005 arrives tommorow it's not soon enough.