Thursday, February 19, 2004


Computer problems, which for several days have plagued the things fall apart Washington Bureau, are solved!

Before we return with another look at the 1992 GOP attack on Bill Clinton's Vietnam service record, things fall apart would like to stress that we present this information not as "gotcha politics," (though as pseudo-journalists we employ our right to simultaneously denounce and engage in said act) but as an attempt to expose the hypocrisy of those on the right who feign shock and disgust that the issue of President Bush's National Guard Service has finally been raised.

Disingenuous Republicans, such as Party chairman Ed Gillespie, should cease spouting the latest talking points zingers, and instead examine GOP campaign strategy history. They may find a clue as to where this all began.

From the Wall Street Journal, "Some Reporters Sign Statement on Letters By Clinton Critic" 09.14.92:

"Republicans campaigning with President Bush in California took more shots at Gov. Clinton on the draft issue. In Yorba Linda, former President Reagan, pretending to comment on the weather, said Mr. Clinton wouldn't enjoy Southern California breezes because 'he prefers to steer clear of drafts.'" (my emphasis)

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The same GOP that labels every inquiry into Bush's Guard records "shameful," brought in none other than the Gipper himself to crack wise on Clinton in 92. The article also quotes then California Rep. Bob Dornan (R), referring to Bill Clinton as "Chicken Little from Little Rock."

While one can only be inclined to imagine what the aforementioned Mr. Gillespie thinks of this unearthed quote, made by a respected Republican spokesman.

"The issue is not whether you served. The key issue is whether you're telling the truth." - Bob Dole

(The Wall Street Journal, "Lasting Debate on Clinton Draft Record Focuses on 2 Questions Raised by Critics: Were Strings Pulled and Was He Really Open to Induction?" 09.10.92)

Will Mr. Dole give President Bush the same stern advice?