Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Why Oh Why Didn't I Take The Blue Pill?"

O-Dub comes this post on the Armstrong Williams debacle from Chris Bowers of My DD.

The only way that Armstrong Williams can be considered an isolated incident is that he is the rare crack in the matrix of the Republican Noise Machine that actually is now visible to the public. Even though the Bush administration has been caught doing this
on three other occasions in just the last eight months, and even though there is a legion of well-heeled conservative spokespeople masquerading as "non-partisans" who are bankrolled by conservative foundations and who dominate the national media (see here and here), Republicans have still managed to spread a "biased liberal media" narrative around the country to the point where it has become conventional wisdom (see here). This preposterous situation, where conservatives completely dominate the news media while simultaneously convincing the American public that the media is dominated by a so-called "liberal elite" can be dealt a significant blow if we take immediate media action on talk shows, newspaper columns and other forms of public access to point out that there is nothing uncommon about Armstrong Williams whatsoever. To use a crude analogy, we must attempt to use the crack in the matrix represented by the Armstrong Williams incident to reveal to the public that the matrix does, in fact, exist.

I agree that we need to alert the public, but it's awfully difficult
when you are unable to speak.