Monday, November 29, 2004

Support My Idiocy

Boy, this is lovely. Via Digby, we learn that some douchebag has created a T-shirt celebrating the Marine who shot a wounded, unarmed insurgent inside a Fallujah mosque.

Support our Marine

The Marine who killed the wounded insurgent in Fallujah deserves our praise and admiration. In a split second decision, he acted valiantly.

On the otherhand, Kevin Sites of NBC is a traitor. Beheading civilians, booby-trapped bodies, suicide bombers?? Sorry hippie, American lives come first. Terrorists don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. This Marine deserves a medal and Kevin Sites, you deserve a punch in the mouth.

Printed on high quality superheavyweight, preshrunk cotton (6.1oz)

Now, I support and sympathize with this soldier in that a) he had been shot in the face the day before; and b) it's the fault of our civilian leadership that a sufficient troop level in Iraq has yet to be reached, therefore a Marine who had been shot in the face has to be sent back out on patrol the next day. However, how can anyone describe his actions as valiant?

The jackass producing these shirts has accomplished nothing but to cheapen the actions of every soldier who earned a medal for true courage and heroism on the battlefield.