Friday, June 11, 2004

The Glenn Reynolds Experience

Funny. Just two weeks ago, "Glenntastic" Glenn Reynolds was telling us that Iraqi rebel cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is becoming "increasingly irrelevant." Now, it appears that the Iraqi interim government may allow al-Sadr to play a role in the country's political structure.

In a sermon delivered in the nearby city of Kufa, he also gave his conditional support to the interim Iraqi government.

This reversed his earlier rejection of the body which he condemned as a puppet of the United States.

His political about-turn comes amid signs from the interim government that it may disregard moves by the outgoing US administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, to ban Sadr and other radicals from taking part in politics for three years.

Given that Glenn resides in Tennessee, things fall apart will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the post in question (which now seems oddly, how do we say it...irrelevant) was actually just Mr. Reynolds laying the foundation for his new Jeff Foxworthy-esque comedy routine.

Here's a sampling:

-If you have control of a small army, you might be irrelevant.

-If you have major news outlets such as ABC and the BBC giving coverage to your endorsement of government officials, you might be irrelevant.

-If the Iraqi interim government is reversing its position on not allowing yourself and other radicals to play a role in the country's politics, you might be irrelevant.

And that's just the first five minutes.

But seriously folks, Glenn will be here all week. And don't forget to tip your waiters.