Wednesday, June 30, 2004

2 Kewl 4 Skewl

Via World O'Crap, we discover Michelle Malkin in the midst of another conniption. It seems a high school in Worcester, MA has assigned students a book of poetry by Tupac Shakur for summer reading.

If that's the standard, why not just drop the pretense of academic instruction and assign them comic books and romance novels?

Interesting that Michelle has such an aversion to romance novels being taught in public schools, given that this particular romance novelist (also a facist hack who, consciously or not, appears to have lifted the plotline of her masterwork from a 40's serial) happens to have: a) inspired a major change in Michelle's life; and b) been a part of her high school literature curriculum.

Allow us to sample the kind of awe-inspiring prose that spurnned a young Michelle Malkin onto greatness:

The light cloth of his shirt seemed to stress, rather than hide, the structure of his figure, his skin was suntanned, his body had the hardness, the gaunt, tensile strength, the clean precision of a foundry casting, he looked as if he were poured out of metal, but some dimmed, soft-lustered metal, like an aluminum-copper alloy, the color of his skin blending with the chestnut-brown of his hair, the loose strands of the hair shading from brown to gold in the sun, and his eyes completing the colors, as the one part of the casting left undimmed and hardly lustrous: his eyes were the deep, dark green of light glinting on metal.

If you close your eyes and read it again, you can practically see Fabio posing for the book cover.