Friday, April 16, 2004

A (not so) brief explanation... or Where, in God's name, have you been?

Having computer problems for one. Aside from enormous upgrade difficulties, this "spyware" crap is killing me. The issue has been addressed for now, and hopefully I'll take care of it this weekend. But regardless, the computer was just part of a much larger problem.

I'm a screenwriter. Or maybe "half a screenwriter" would be more appropriate.

At an Orioles game two weeks ago, I heard a Red Sox fan refer to Javy Lopez as "half a catcher." I disagree on the Javy issue, but the term is dead-on for me as a screenwriter. I'm confident in my ability, but I've haven't sold a single thing.

Anyway, I learned recently that my agent would be going on hiatus for six months to help produce a small film (WGA rules prevent him from representing clients while serving as a producer.) In light of that, and other issues, I've decided to finish college; either this summer or, if necessary, fall. I left needing between 1 - 3 classes for a degree in journalism. In retrospect, it was the wrong decision, but I wanted to take a year to focus on screenwriting. This was kind of a success, in that I got an agent; it was a basically a failure, because now we're on hiatus and the sum total of my life equates to 95% of a college education and stack of screenplays.

In short, I'm a creative dope with a tiny hint of newswriting ability.

To sum this up: I'm going to keep writing, but the focus shifts to school from here on out.

Oh yeah, I also have a pretty mean case of chronic anxiety disorder (which is probably why I'm writer.)

So I've got that going for me.

NEXT: Now that I've laid all the cards out on the table, it's "What's New With The Site and What You Can Expect."